Vehicle Diagnostics in Tonbridge at Hadlow Stair Garage
So what exactly is ‘Car Diagnostics’?

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Well, when you take your car to a garage, for the great majority of cars, the mechanic will use a diagnostic tool to see if there are any recorded problems. This is done using diagnostic software which accesses the car’s reporting and computer system where any problems are monitored and faults are logged. Many modern cars now come with computer processors, microchips and sensors which can be linked to car diagnostic equipment .

Car diagnostics is a very useful tool as it enables mechanics to more easily identify problems and repair them as quickly as possible. Most modern cars can generate many fault codes which get stored in the vehicle’s memory system. Some vehicles have a number of units which control areas such as engine management, brakes, suspension and even the windscreen wipers! The problem diagnosis is therefore quick and accurate and thus there can be cost savings as less time is required by the mechanic to identify a problem. Minor problems may be identified and fixed before they have a chance to escalate into big, expensive problems!

At Hadlow Stair Garage we have a range of upto date Diagnostic equipment that covers many makes of vehicle. Our mechanics attend regular training courses and seminars to keep up to date with current techniques to aid in accurate diagnosis.