Car Servicing in Tonbridge carried out inline with main dealer requirements.

Using an independent garage does not invalidate a new cars warranty as long as the service schedules are followed and genuine parts are used.

  • Vehicle servicing at Hadlow Stair Garage

In 2002 the government introduced legislation known as Block Exemption which allows you to take you new vehicle to any garage to keep up your servicing schedule without affecting your manufacturers warranty. This gives you the freedom to choose who services and repairs your vehicle without being tied to the main dealers.

In order to ensure that your vehicles warranty is not invalidated we guarantee to use manufacturers approved parts and correct grade oils for your cars engine and will provide documentation to support this with every applicable service. You can read more about the EU Block Exemption Legislation here.

Genuine OEM or aftermarket Filters can be used according to customer’s preference.

In addition to the services above we can carry out brake fluid changes as per manufacturers’ recommendations and timing belt replacement.

Servicing is essential for optimum performance of your vehicle and can reduce the need for costly repairs. Please contact us for a quotation.

Three levels of service

Full Service

Includes Oil, Air, Cabin and Fuel Filter change + new spark plugs if required. A full comprehensive health check of the car including removal of all wheels and a clean and inspection of the brakes. All fluid levels checked and topped up as necessary.

Intermediate Service

Includes and Oil and air filter change and a general check over of the condition of the cars tyres, and brakes and other fluid levels check such as coolant, antifreeze and windscreen wash.

Basic Oil change

Includes and oil filter change and a drain and refill of engine oil. This is a minimum requirement and should be done at least every 12 months for cars not covering many miles.